December 3, 2008

Wood on MARS!

This image is from the Mars rover near the endurance Crater. Where are the rest of the trees? Did it float here from when the water flowed on the surface?

December 1, 2008

Go nuts

Acorn Watchers Wonder What Happened to Crop

The idea seemed too crazy to Rod Simmons, a measured, careful field botanist. Naturalists in Arlington County couldn't find any acorns. None. No hickory nuts, either. Then he went out to look for himself. He came up with nothing. Nothing crunched underfoot. Nothing hit him on the head.

Then calls started coming in about crazy squirrels. Starving, skinny squirrels eating garbage, inhaling bird feed, greedily demolishing pumpkins.
This is how it begins.

What begins you say? Why the beginning of the end.

This isn't just a movie preview, its a call to paranoia and dread, how could we not join in!