February 23, 2009

Google Ocean: Has Atlantis been found off Africa?
A "grid of streets" on the seabed at one of the proposed locations of the lost city of Atlantis has been spotted on Google Ocean.

The network of criss-cross lines is 620 miles off the coast of north west Africa near the Canary Islands on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

The perfect rectangle – which is around the size of Wales – was noticed on the search giant's underwater exploration tool by an aeronautical engineer who claims it looks like an "aerial map" of a city.

The internet age has taken the power of information from the few and given it to the many. As information technology increases, the hold of power by the few decreases. Unless "they" get back their control on technology.

That is why the fight for net neutrality is so important. When "they" regain control watch for Google Earth to be a little more blurry.

With this picture we see Atlantis... what else have "they" been hiding.

Flying Cars?

Flying car captured on Google Earth


There is so much we don't know, and so much we're going to find out.

February 5, 2009

Are we living on a giant alien knowledge repository?

"What if we could manipulate the earth's own magnetic field and thus program data into the natural energy curtains of the planet?"

What if "the earth itself is already encoded with someone else's data, and that, down there in crustal formations of rock, crystalline archives shimmer"?

Check this out

December 3, 2008

Wood on MARS!

This image is from the Mars rover near the endurance Crater. Where are the rest of the trees? Did it float here from when the water flowed on the surface? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1091223/Conspiracy-theorists-wood-trees-spot-timber-plank-Mars.html

December 1, 2008

Go nuts

Acorn Watchers Wonder What Happened to Crop

The idea seemed too crazy to Rod Simmons, a measured, careful field botanist. Naturalists in Arlington County couldn't find any acorns. None. No hickory nuts, either. Then he went out to look for himself. He came up with nothing. Nothing crunched underfoot. Nothing hit him on the head.

Then calls started coming in about crazy squirrels. Starving, skinny squirrels eating garbage, inhaling bird feed, greedily demolishing pumpkins.
This is how it begins.

What begins you say? Why the beginning of the end.

This isn't just a movie preview, its a call to paranoia and dread, how could we not join in!

November 20, 2008

The recount in Minnesota continues, and the Lizard Alien votes are in dispute.

MChallenged ballots: You be the judge

Ballot #5: Lizard People

This Beltrami County voter cast their ballot for Al Franken, but also put "Lizard People" as a write-in candidate, not only in the U.S. Senate race, but for several others. The county auditor/treasurer ruled that the vote should not be counted because it's considered an overvote. Representatives for Franken challenged that decision. (MPR Photo/Tom Robertson)

Everyone knows that Lizard People never run as themselves and always run disguised as humans (see McCain, Bush are shape-shifting alien .

I also question the vote because true supporters of "Lizard People" would use the more politically correct term: Reptillian.

November 17, 2008

UFO sighting over Philly?

PHILADELPHIA - October 8, 2008 (WPVI) -- Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a... UFO?

One thing's for sure, there appeared to be SOMETHING in the sky over Philadelphia Saturday during the Obama rally, which rocker Bruce Springsteen headlined.
As we know from a post below at this point the aliens had already endorsed Obama.

This was the alien's looking on at a pivotal point of our human / alien relationship.

And that last minute switch of the alien's endorsement to McCain? It was a fake. The McCain administration was desperate for the campaign dynamic to change. The fake failed, as it was fated.

October 20, 2008

UFO Quick Bit

Passenger jet's near miss with UFO

A PASSENGER jet coming in to land at Heathrow had a near miss with a UFO, the MoD files revealed.

The Alitalia flight’s captain, Achille Zaghetti, was at 22,000ft when he saw the brown, 10ft-long, missile-shaped object 1,000ft above him.

He said: “At once I said, ‘Look out’ to my co-pilot, who looked and saw what I’d seen.”

September 19, 2008

Enough with the "what candidate would you like to watch football with, beer with, teach your children, etc" polls.

What about the important things like "Who do the aliens want for President?"


The Alien’s rebuttal of McCain’s lobbying has left the Republican Party fuming. After eight years of unwavering support for President Bush, his refusal to put his weight behind Senator John McCain blindsided the party.

On hearing of the Alien’s decision to back Obama, McCain pointed an accusing finger at President Bush, insiders say. The senator from Arizona is reported to have blustered: “The Alien has been a staunch Republican supporter for the past 28 years. Bush’s bungling drove him into the other camp.”
Perhaps the aliens are upset at him because he talked about their UFO's in Arizona back in 2000.

McCain Acknowledges the "Lights Over Arizona" Were UFOs
In February 2000, John McCain admitted that the famous "lights over Arizona" were in fact UFOs during a press conference broadcast over Fox News. Specifically, he was asked about the lawsuit from Peter Gersten to open UFO records from the military, and replied that it was a matter that concerned him before mentioning the Arizona lights as something that remained unsolved.
Okay now you can go back about your discussions about relations with Russia, Georgia, and Spain, but know Obama will maintain the really important diplomatic relationship.

The relationship with our alien overlords.

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August 15, 2008

Body proves Bigfoot no myth, hunters say

A policeman and a former corrections officer say that on Friday they will unveil evidence of what they claim is their biggest find ever: the body of Bigfoot.
The carcass of the furry half-man, half-ape is 7 feet, 7 inches tall and weighs more than 500 pounds, they say. However, the two are not disclosing the exact location of their discovery to protect the remaining creatures.

Update: Bigfoot claim a fake, ex-enthusiast says
The initial promoter of two hikers' claim that they found the body of Bigfoot in Georgia said he has determined that the discovery was a hoax.

The body turned out to be rubber, and the two men who claimed that they found it, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, have admitted that it was a costume, said a posting Tuesday on the Web sites of Searching for Bigfoot Inc. and Squatchdetective.

August 14, 2008

Chupacabra sits in old gum tree
Merry, merry king of Texas is he,
Run, Chupacabra, Run, Chupacabra,
Gay your life must be.

August 13, 2008

For those who like to read

George H.W. Bush: The Unauthorized Biography

In a roomful of officials, some of whom were already sipping Scotch to steady their nerves, Timmons asked Dean Burch, "Dean, does Bush know about the transcript yet?"

"Yes," responded Burch.

"Well, what did he do?" inquired Timmons.

"He broke out into assholes and shit himself to death," replied Burch.

In this exchange, which is recorded in Woodward and Bernstein's "The Final Days," we grasp the essential George Bush, in a crisis, and for all seasons.

August 6, 2008

Government tampering with ground water

A woman has posted this video showing "what she believes is proof" that the Government is tampering with the water supply