September 19, 2008

Enough with the "what candidate would you like to watch football with, beer with, teach your children, etc" polls.

What about the important things like "Who do the aliens want for President?"


The Alien’s rebuttal of McCain’s lobbying has left the Republican Party fuming. After eight years of unwavering support for President Bush, his refusal to put his weight behind Senator John McCain blindsided the party.

On hearing of the Alien’s decision to back Obama, McCain pointed an accusing finger at President Bush, insiders say. The senator from Arizona is reported to have blustered: “The Alien has been a staunch Republican supporter for the past 28 years. Bush’s bungling drove him into the other camp.”
Perhaps the aliens are upset at him because he talked about their UFO's in Arizona back in 2000.

McCain Acknowledges the "Lights Over Arizona" Were UFOs
In February 2000, John McCain admitted that the famous "lights over Arizona" were in fact UFOs during a press conference broadcast over Fox News. Specifically, he was asked about the lawsuit from Peter Gersten to open UFO records from the military, and replied that it was a matter that concerned him before mentioning the Arizona lights as something that remained unsolved.
Okay now you can go back about your discussions about relations with Russia, Georgia, and Spain, but know Obama will maintain the really important diplomatic relationship.

The relationship with our alien overlords.

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